Sunday, October 20, 2019

5 houseplants that you can eat

Grow these delicious houseplants that you can eat!

Calamondin Orange Tree

I’ve had a Calamondin Orange Tree for the past ten years and it produces small orange-like fruit and beautifully scented flowers every year. The fruit look like mini tangerines but are very tart so are probably better to use in place of limes or lemons in a recipe.

Calamondin and other dwarf citrus trees are relatively easy to grow and their fruit can be left on the tree for months. That means you pick them at your leisure and leave them as decor for the rest of the time.


Dwarf Avocado Trees

Imagine growing your own green gold — fresh avocados. While many trees will reach 40 or more feet in height, dwarf varieties can stop at 8-10. The plant itself is tall and leafy and you’ll have more chance of getting your tree to flower and fruit if you buy one that’s been bred to be raised in containers.

Chili Peppers

Some Chili Peppers make great houseplants. Depending on the variety, you can get compact and attractive plants that have mature chilies for weeks at a time. The fruits generally begin green and then transition to yellow, orange, or red so makes for interesting watching. You can also get ornamental chilies like the ‘Bolivian Rainbow Chili’ that have purple, red, and yellow fruit all on the same plant.

Garden Herbs

The most traditional of edible houseplants, garden herbs have been made far too disposable by modern supermarkets. The live plants that you can get in the shop are not bred for longevity and so you need to buy them time and time again. Invest in good quality perennial garden herbs like chives, thyme, peppermint, and sage, and you’ll have healthy plants that will thrive for years.


Tomatoes and potatoes are actually related. This means when the top of a tomato plant is grafted onto the roots of a potato it will grow! You can buy this fun two-in-one plant to grow either in the house or on small patios and it will give you a harvest of both sweet cherry tomatoes and up to five pounds of white potatoes.

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